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  • Kampala
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CereBrain Tablets


What is CereBrain Tablets (Ginkgo Biloba Extract)?


Ginkgo Biloba Extract is the extract of the leaves of th common ginkgo biloba tree.

The standardized ginkgo biloba extract (GBE) requires a 50:1 ratio of leaves to extract.

CereBrain Tablets is a natural supplement

which includes ginkgo leaves extract for cardiovascar health.


The main mechanisms of ginkgo leaves extract are

improving brain cell metabolism, promoting blood

flow to brain and enhancing nutrients deliver to brain.


refresh your blood circulation and power up your brain with CereBrain Tablets!


Health Benefits Of CereBrain (Ginkgo Leaves Extract)?


✓Promotes oxygen delivery to brain cell

✓Enhances blood circulation in brain blood vessels

✓Helps reduce memory loss brought about by aging

✓improves brain cell metabolism

✓Enhance nutrients deliver to brain

✓Relax coronary artery & improve blood flow to heart

✓Decreasing cholesterol & improve blood flow to heart

✓Decreasing cholesterol & balanced blood lipid

✓Relax bronchus & relief asthma


Why CereBrain Tablets Ginkgo Biloba Extract?


✓Natural Source: CereBrain Tablets comes from pure natural plant.

✓High Concentration: each two tablets contain 60 mg ginkgo leaves extract.

✓High Stability: advance coating technology, improve stability and avoid bitter taste.

✓Trusted Quality: manufactured by GMP certified factory.




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