• July 25, 2022 12:16 am
  • Kampala
UGX 120,000



Gluzo joint capsules improves cartilage metabolism in joints and inhibits joint degeneration process.The main function of glucosamine is to activate the elements required for the repair damaged joints.

Some people lack the ability, or have a hindered ability due to age, to manufacture glucosamine which plays a role in joint discomfort.

Manufactured by BFSUMA a world renowned and leading manufacturer of food supplements. It is certified and approved by the Food and Drug Administration(FAA) of the United States of America.



1. Make and repair joint cartilage

2. Reduce pain symptoms of osteoarthritis

3. Improve the condition of joint cartilage

4. Support the natural ability to regenerate cartilage

5. Help to rebuild cartilage and lubricate joints

6. Alleviate the joint discomfort and increase

7. Help to maintain healthy articular cartilage

8. Good for joints in the wrist, ankle, kneels, neck

9. Nourishes joints



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