Zaminocal plus Capsules
Zaminocal plus Capsules
Zaminocal plus Capsules
Zaminocal plus Capsules
Zaminocal plus Capsules
Zaminocal plus Capsules
Zaminocal plus Capsules
Zaminocal plus Capsules
Zaminocal plus Capsules
Zaminocal plus Capsules
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ZAMINOCAL PLUS CAPSULES scientifically formulated is the perfect bone partner, which applies a high technology – Amino Acid Chelating (AAC). With advanced AAC, our calcium and zinc supplements have high uptake (90%) in the body.

Compared with some other supplements containing a great amount of sugar, sodium, which are not suitable for people with diabetes and hypertension, ZaminoCal plus Capsules is 100% safe supplement suitable for every one including children, teenagers, pregnant and lactating women, elderly people and people who are allergic to common calcium supplements.

ZaminoCal plus Capsules, comes in 60 capsules and its sealed .

It has been approved to be used by elderly people .Its a supplement Not to be used by young adults, kids below 12 years



1.Enhance absorption of calcium and Zinc to over 90%

2. Maintain healthy bones & teeth

3. Prevent and improve osteoporosis

4. Suitable for minor, teenage, lactating woman and elderly

5. It prevents night blindness and improves eyesight

6 Corrects altered, small and taste and sensitivity

7. Prevent Goiter

8. Prevents and reverse importance

9. Promote tissue repair & growth

10. Enhance weak libido in both men and women

11. Enhance proper development of sexual organs

12. Slows down the aging process

13. It improves the immune system

14. It prevents respiratory and lung related diseases

15. It acts as a pain killer

16. If. reduces tiredness and stress

17. Rick in natural colleges which nourishes the skin.

18. It prevents and treats rheumatoid arthritis

19. It provides healthy nervous system and prevent depression and other mood disorders.

20. Improves lymph circulation

21. It treats and prevents Alzheimer and heart disorder.

22. It heals and strengthens the muscular, cartilage and nerve tissues.

23. It assists the internal regulation of blood glucose level

24. It supports die production of bad bacteria in the intestinal tract.

25. Prevents and treats cancer

26 Helps pregnant mothers to deliver quickly and without excess pain helps quick healing of

women in reproduction system after delivery

27. Normalize sleep & regular heart beat

28. Improves alertness and concentration

29. Powerful antioxidant

30. Fight infection bacteria or virus

31.Promotes Brain Development;



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