NMN Capsules
NMN Capsules
NMN Capsules
NMN Capsules
NMN Capsules
NMN Capsules
NMN Capsules
NMN Capsules
NMN Capsules
NMN Capsules
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What is NMN 4500mg Capsule?


NMN consists of high NMN to boost your body NAD+ level and maintain a healthy mitochondrial function. Replenishing NAD+ helps you in healthy aging.



Enable Your Future:


1. Anti-aging, improve sleep, memory, anti-aging – delays aging

2. DNA repair, supplementing NMN can repair the DNA of cells damaged by radiation.

3, Diabetes: Effective intervention for type 2 diabetes caused by diet and youth

4. Enhance endurance: NMN promotes fat breakdown and increases exercise endurance NAD+ supplementation increases skeletal muscle formation and mitochondrial oxidative metabolism

5. Can protect the nerves, prepay Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, atrophic lateral sclerosis

6. Increase Brain and Heart NAD+ levels to protect the heart from damage, preventing dementia; Activate blood vessels and muscles.

7. Protects eyesight

8. Protects hearing


9. Boosts Energy Metabolism – NMN helps to breakdown food like sugars into energy – prevent and treat diabetes






✓4500mg high content: 30 capsules/bottle, each capsule containing 150mg NMN

✓Super safe: The only NMN product now has passed the GRAS safety certification of FDA

✓Purely green: Prepared with enzymatic technology, contamination free

✓High cost performance: Ten times below the market price

✓Passed clinical trials: NMN has currently passed positive clinical trials.

✓Passed Severe Environment Test: Product purity remains purely white with purity as high as 99.5% in 4 month’s test at 40 centigrade, and

✓Highly pure raw materials: NMN raw materials are of extremely high costs, plus the production process is complicated and of low production capacity.




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