Hi! my name is Robert Delord and im a fashion blogger. The one thing i like the most about my job is that i get to stay and meet with new models everyday and i get a lot to learn from them but the one thing i didn’t like was that the clothes they wear are soo damn expensive, someone like me can not afford those kinda expensive clothes, so i used to wonder that a lot of people are facing this and everyone want to dress as the fashion but not everyone can afford those so what can we do to fix this problem then one of my friends suggested me to open my own clothing store where we can make replicas of those clothes and sell them in really low prices and yea we did it, we launched our very own online clothing store the Brown Gap Hoodie and then me and my team started working really hard on it and then slowly slowly people started to recognize us and our online clothing store started spreading all over the world and we started to get order from literally everywhere and if you guys are wondering if we still have that store or not well the answer is yes and the best part is that we are having a sale of 50% OFF on ALL of our products and we are shipping our products all over the world without any shipping charges, and if you guys visit us then make sure to check out the dark blue gap hoodie it’s our top seller of this month by far.



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