Book keeping and basic accounting software
UGX 100,000

-keeps u updated with stock in the shop/business
– keeps in the know of the value of the shop (value of stock in the shop/business
-indicates the stock that needs to be added
-shows you the amount of money being made
-helps you track the expenditure of the shop
-shows you the gross profit and net profit
-shows you whether you are making profits or losses
-shows you how the shop is progressing monthly with valid figures

It is off line. No need of internet

-It can be customised to Amy language that you need
-No need of installing operating systems ie runs on basic computer
-24/7 assistance on how to use the system and correction in case you make a mistake
-good as proof of loan evaluation
-can be backdated with previous data

Can work for a range of businesses eg agroinputs, boutiques, petrol station, stationary, home businesses, farms etc.


  • Delivery: Yes
  • Service Type: Software & Web Development